Williams Bride of Pinbot Helmet Chrome Coating

Williams Bride of Pinbot Helmet Chrome Coating


This is the Bride of Pinbot helmet, which always look pretty worn out. We offer the service of exchanging your pieces out for a pair that has been chrome coated. The ones pictured have not yet been coated and we will update they return soon. This is a great match for our chrome plating, or just a nice touch by itself to add to your game and make your Bride Helmet appear like a metal and new again! This is a pretty lengthy process and usually comes with a 4 week or less turn around. We often times have these in stock to do an immediate exchange. Check for availability of this service, we are trying to keep several in stock to keep the turn around at one week. 

Last two pictures show one of our helmets redone next to a reproduction that was available several years ago. Without a doubt, our finish is much better. 

To order or ask questions:

  • Email chris@hotrodarcade.com
  • Call 615-598-0024
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