•    When sending parts or placing an order, include a detailed list of all the parts involved (pics are great) with the parts. Also make sure to include ALL of your contact information, and detailed info on what you want done.

•    It's old school, for now. We send parts back with an invoice. Please pay it within 10 days of receiving your parts. If there are issues please let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

•    When shipping parts, use a shipper that can track your parts. We ship UPS ground for most all shipments. 

 •    No RUSH orders - Do not ask. It's a pinball machine (arcade, etc), not a life support device. Others are already in line. We do everything we can to get parts done and are striving to add to our exchange library for this very reason. 

    •    Orders can take 2 weeks or up to several months. Average is 6 weeks, but depending on current work load it changes.

    •    Prices quoted by picture are estimates only. Once items are in hand and inspected we reserve the right to adjust quote accordingly.

    •    I do not mind doing very small parts (screws, washers, nuts, ball guides, etc.), but if they do not all make it back it is not my responsibility and I will not be held liable.

    •    We will attempt to plate stainless steel products if you insist, but if there are continued issues we will strip and polish and bill accordingly. Stainless is better polished, and some pieces cannot be polished. 

    •    Plating is not a perfect science - There may be small blemishes and fine scratches. I inspect everything very good, but please understand plating is NOT perfect. If you look hard enough you will find something. 


    •    Brass and Black Nickel plating could have slight variations in color from piece to piece. We strive to have a 98% match, but brass plating can have slight color variations.

    •    Quality control on brass and black nickel plating is very hard. We sometimes re-run brass parts up to 10 times. There are just some small blemishes in brass plating that we must let slide.

    •    Brass and black nickel plating is clear coated to prevent tarnishing and therefore can have dust and debris in the clear coat from time to time. 

    •    Brass and black nickel plating can sometimes have very small and slight swirls or polishing marks or light scratching.


    •    Brass and Black Nickel are both clear coated after being plated to keep them from tarnishing. To care for these platings it is recommended you was the areas that your hands touch from time to time. I recommend keeping a spray wax like what you get at a auto parts store for a show car and using this to remove the finger prints and dirt from these parts. This will help protect it for the long haul.