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Powder coating prices vary due to the prep work that has to be done and depending on the type of finish you choose. The candy colors you see (translucent candy chrome) are powders shot over chrome. These parts must first be chrome-plated (or highly polished if they're stainless steel), and then powder coated. This is at least a two-stage process and costs a bit more. If you have questions, we're glad to help however we need to. You deserve a finished part that you love!

HOW LONG DOES A custom ORDER TAKE (warning)

Please keep in mind, custom orders usually take a long time (many months). If you are not ok with this, please do not send them. Sometimes the turn around is quicker, but many times not. This is why we are striving to carry more and more things for exchange so there is no wait. I want to be helpful but cannot control the time it often takes to get these types of jobs done. You’ve been warned! :)