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We Are working on a full online store coming soon. 

place a CUSTOM ORDER or a get a quote on plating or powder coating...

Call or email (email is best). The more detail you can give us the better. What are the parts made of (I can help with this if you don't know) and what are you wanting to do with them? Powder Coating prices vary due to the prep work that has to be done to do different things. Also, the candy colors you see (translucent candy chrome) are powders shot over chrome - so these must be chrome plated (or with stainless, polished) before they can be done, so the two stage process (really more like 4) costs a bit more. Glad to help however we can to get you what you want as your end result!


  • CALL OR TEXT:  615-598-0024

Ordering new parts off the shelf...

How to Order? Call or email (email is best). As long as everything is here, we will pack it up the same day and get it out to you. 

  1. Include a detailed list of all the parts you are wanting to order
  2. Quantities and finishes of each part
  3. Your contact/Shipping information, including your phone number

  • Call or Text:  615-598-0024

*If you are ordering parts from our exchange list - you must send your parts in first. No exceptions.


You will RECEIVE an invoice WITH your parts.

When they arrive, look them over and make sure everything is right and that the quality is excellent. THEN you pay via PayPal Friends/Family or send a check. It will give instruction on the invoice so don't lose it! It's old School, just like Mike did it for years :)

We generally ship most packages UPS the same day we get orders and we do our best to pack your items well.


  • Call or Text:  615-598-0024

Where do I SHIP To?

  • Chris Royalty/Hot Rod Arcade - 3138 Bearwallow Rd. - Ashland City, TN 37015


When shipping an order to us, please follow: 

  1. ALL contact info: Name, address, easiest phone number to reach you, email, dog's name, whatever you got!
  2. Send a detailed list of each part included, if it is a big order, sending clear printed pictures are very helpful and recommended, this helps insure all your parts getting back to you
  3. Detailed instructions on what you want done with each piece (i.e., chromed, purple powder, brass plated)
  4. Anything else we need to know about your parts: Repairs being made, speical requests, etc. 

*Note - We are moving away from plating most stainless parts, we now POLISH them to a mirror finish that looks like chrome. Feel free to ask me why.