Jurassic Park (Data East) Gun Handle Shooter in Chrome

Jurassic Park (Data East) Gun Handle Shooter in Chrome


Jurassic Park Gun Handle Shooter - send us yours and we'll send one of these back! Pricing includes the two halves and 6 chrome mounting bolts, which secure the gun to the game. Most customers paint the bolts that hold the handle together. I only have one set of these, so please inquire about availability before sending yours in. Also worth noting, it is really hard to plate in some of the spots where the gun meets the base mount, so this is normal and not much can be done about it, but overall, when mounted to the game it’s not noticeable.

*This gun handle is tougher to plate than the others. It was made out of very cheap metal (thank you Data Least), sometimes causing issues with the process and many times having to be done once or twice, sometimes still leaving something very small to be seen. We do the best we can with them, and the end result is still fantastic. 

Please only send the two halves and 6 mounting bolts.

Exchange only, these are not for sale.

To order this part:

  • Email: Chris@HotRodArcade.com

  • Call or Text: 615-598-0024

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