Gen 3 Williams Side Rails 1989-1990 - NEW PRODUCT

Gen 3 Williams Side Rails 1989-1990 - NEW PRODUCT

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This is the first time anyone has has these remade, and we made sure to do them in steel so that they would plate fantastically! This is a limited run for now. So many people ask if they can send in their old side rails to be plated, let me just say, no. Lol. The old stainless siderails are a pain to plate, they are also hard to get off without tearing them up. These new siderails are made from steel, which make them perfect for plating. We stock these in chrome and brass. Pricing is for a set, including two matching carriage bolts to use on them at the front of the game.

These were used on Williams machines from 1989-1990 and measure 43.3 inches long. 

Game usage list:

  1. Earthshaker
  2. Bride of Pinbot
  3. Police Force
  4. Bad Cats
  5. Whirlwind
  6. Rollergames
  7. Diner
  8. Funhouse (early production only)

Williams reference numbers B-12588-L & B-12588-R

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